Coating service

Take advantage of the Thermission coating service for single components in all geometric forms; efficient coating of small batches and the evaluation of new applications.


Develop new application segments with the world’s lowest process temperature for zinc thermal diffusion and achieve better results when coating your industrial materials.

Values and vision

As a provider of premium coatings, quality and a focus on customers form the fundamental basis for all our business activities.

We redefine coating

Thermission is a pioneer in the field of zinc thermal diffusion to coat and finish industrial products. The patented technology has a great variety of applications in construction and the manufacture of quality products in all important industry sectors. Thermission protects and improves the material structure and properties of your construction material in the long term for ultra-resistant, technically long-lasting product solutions. Thermission significantly extends the service of metal components in comparison to other conventional zinc coatings currently in use. Take advantage of our service and arrange an appointment with our specialists.