Thermission maintains various memberships in organizations to promote exchange and networking in the industry. It is important to us that our customers are able to contact us through these channels.

Membership with SGO - Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Oberflächentechnik

The SGO is an association that focuses on technology and science. It promotes the spread, deepening, and increase of knowledge - and the application of this knowledge - in the field of surface technology. Peripheral technologies and concerns such as plant engineering, testing technology, quality assurance, environmental protection, occupational safety, training and further education are duly considered in the process. It is intended for both providers and users.

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Website SGO

Membership with Initiative Zinc - the network of the zinc industry in Germany

The Initiative Zinc is the central contact point for questions about the material zinc. It is the network of the zinc industry in Germany. Its members represent the production, processing and recycling of zinc.


Website [Initiative Zinc|Zn]