Quality and a focus on customers form the fundamental basis for all our business activities.

Thermission is a pioneer in the field of zinc thermal diffusion to coat and finish industrial commercial materials, serving customers in segments such as the aviation, rail, shipping and automotive industries. Quality and a focus on customers form the basis for our business activities. We expect our senior executives to act as role models; to promote the following principles and to develop and achieve goals based on these principles so that every company employee can understand, internalize and live by them:

  • We want to be perceived as a premium provider in our market segment. We can only achieve this if we deliver our products to the expected and required quality. Meeting specific customer wishes and quality demands should thus be our guiding benchmarks.
  • We want to grow continuously and use our high-quality zinc thermal diffusion process to win not only European customers but also in future an increasing share of the global market.
  • Innovation is the motor for our activities. We will continuously further develop our technology and strive to find innovative solutions for our customers.
  • We expect our suppliers to meet the same quality standards which we set for ourselves.
  • We will learn from our mistakes by examining the causes in detail and not repeating them, thus continually improving our performance.
  • Occupational, health and environmental protection are the foundations for all our actions.
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and live the corresponding process and quality standards.
  • We place great value on what every employee thinks, believes and says. We have an open communication culture and work as a team.