New, lighter material combinations. Take advantage of Thermission surface protection for the automotive industry to achieve weight-saving construction designs without sacrificing safety.

Over the years improved performance, comfort and safety have resulted in cars becoming increasingly heavier. Stricter economical and environment protection requirements are forcing the automotive industry to rethink its strategies. Vehicle consumption, in particular CO2 emissions, must be reduced. In today’s automotive industry light components and an intelligent mix of materials are crucial to staying ahead.

Material mix

Thermission can deliver this competitive advantage. The patented process prevents contact corrosion between metal components, thus making it possible to use new, lighter combinations of materials, such as steel and aluminium, or high strength steels. Separators are consequently also no longer required.

Increased safety by Thermission surface protection

The innovative technology provides exceptional surface protection against environmental factors such as the elements, acids and salt water, in turn ensuring robust resistance to wear, also on edges and connectors. The material-efficient thermal process increases the ductility and break resistance of the base materials and provides increased safety. The risk of crack formation is minimized, while crash elements withstand the high impacts sustained during accidents much better.

Wide range of geometric diversity

The Thermission process offers clear benefits for automotive-related manufacturing processes. Cathodic dip painting or welding processes are simplified while the material provides an excellent adhesive surface for downstream production phases. In addition to this, there are virtually no limits on the design of automotive components. Complex geometric parts such as chassis components; cavity profiles or safety-relevant front and rear end systems as well as cast, forged and sintered components are all ideal for coating using Thermission technology.

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