Increased load-bearing capacity; service life and performance. Thermission coatings for the aviation industry boost the safety of critical aviation-related components without making them heavier.

In the aviation industry fuel-efficient flight operations and the minimization of maintenance costs are crucial factors in remaining competitive. At the same time, however, the components used in aviation must comply with extremely strict safety and quality requirements as well as increasingly stringent environmental legislation.

Maximum mechanical resistance thanks to surface protection

The Thermission zinc thermal diffusion process offers a long-term, low-maintenance solution to these challenges. Thermission ensures maximum mechanical resistance – high tensile strength; ductility and protection, even when surfaces are damaged. The comprehensive corrosion and wear protection extends maintenance intervals and keeps service costs low. In addition to this, the process is cadmium- and chromium (VI)-free and includes no other CMRs.

A key factor in reducing fuel and maintenance costs

Thermission coatings are suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as plated and non-plated aluminium alloys containing copper. They also provide comprehensive surface protection for pockets, sharp edges and welded joints. No heavy separators are required to prevent contact corrosion, thus allowing new, lighter combinations of materials to be used.

Your benefits

  • Greater mechanical resistance of components for increased safety and reliability
  • Comprehensive corrosion protection and thus significantly longer product life cycles
  • A key factor in reducing fuel and maintenance costs
  • No increased weight due to additional coating layers
  • Allows new, lighter, more innovative combinations of materials to be used
  • Optimum adhesive surface for additional component coatings

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