Increased safety plus comprehensive corrosion protection. Thermission surface protection for the construction industry are able to withstand extreme loads, retaining their high load capacity even in extreme conditions.

Population and economic growth; increasing mobility and the unbroken trend to urbanization have all resulted in drastically higher surface protection requirements. Bridge structures; tunnels; road constructions and track systems in particular reach or exceed calculated maximum loads far earlier than foreseen. New corrosion protection concepts which respond to the changed parameters are thus required.

High safety requirements

Thermission coatings for the construction industry support the industry’s extremely high safety requirements by providing comprehensive surface protection. This makes it possible to efficiently combat material damage caused by damp, temperature fluctuations and high loads. Connectors and fasteners; barriers; site structures and scaffolding are all better protected as a result. In addition to this, reduced maintenance requirements allow maintenance and replacement intervals to be extended.

High load-bearing capacity thanks to its surface protection

The material-efficient coating ensures that structures have a high load-bearing capacity by maintaining mechanical resistance and minimizing wear. The patented zinc thermal diffusion process penetrates into materials, preserving surface protection even if the surface is damaged. Components are optimally equipped to withstand high loads; warehousing, shipping and cleaning. Thermission technology is an excellent choice for both load-bearing and connecting elements.

Easier assembly and further processing

The even, chromium (VI)-free coating has no wrinkles; air bubbles; flaking or cracks and is able to penetrate into even hard-to-access areas such as crevices and recesses. The process provides an optimal adhesive surface for gluing or painting as well as optimum welding characteristics for hydraulic steelwork. It prevents both crevice corrosion around joins and also contact corrosion in areas where different materials are connected.

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