Small parts play a big role. Thermission coatings for fastening components ensure long-lasting surface protection, even under extreme environmental and deployment conditions.

As small, extremely robust elements, fastening components ensure that individual components can be combined to make one single whole. In this function they are responsible for ensuring that geometric configurations are maintained as well as for transferring the forces which occur. Since fasteners are often used in cavities and compartments they must also be able to withstand widely differing corrosion conditions. Extremely efficient corrosion protection is thus indispensable.

Long-lasting surface protection for extreme environmental and deployment conditions

The patented Thermission zinc thermal diffusion process offers long-lasting surface protection in extreme environmental and deployment conditions. Standard tests confirm an extremely long service life in excess of 15 years under difficult climatic conditions. Thermission thus delivers significantly better results than other zinc coatings and, in consequence, also lower service and maintenance costs.

No contact corrosion

The innovative coating provides mechanical connections with optimum protection against hydrogen-induced cracking; stress cracking and premature brittle fracturing. In addition to this, fastening components can be used in conjunction with a variety of metals without any contact corrosion whatsoever occurring. The innovative Thermission process can be used to evenly coat hard-to-access areas around threads; nut cavities and moving parts without any appreciable additional layering occurring. Screws no longer seize up so much and there is no corrosion on edges or formation of red rust in connection areas.

Coating service for bulk goods and small parts

Thermission offers perfect solution concepts for the cost-effective coating of bulk goods such as screws, nuts, rawlplugs and threads. Use our coating service or purchase your own Thermission systems to achieve long-term protection of fastening elements for almost all types of construction – such as transport means; halls; wind turbines and off-shore plants; infrastructure and technical equipment – against corrosion damage, aging processes and climatic conditions.

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