Thermission surface protection delivers excellent corrosion protection without pollutants, providing increased safety at sea.

Corrosion causes billions of dollars in costs for the global maritime industry every year. The shipping industry therefore requires long-lasting, extremely resistant corrosion protection which is weight-saving and thus fuel-saving.

Excellent corrosion resistance in seawater

The Thermission zinc thermal diffusion process offers long-term surface protection against corrosion and brittleness caused by salt and fresh water; diesel oil; chemicals and fouling. The deep diffusion layer in the substrate maintains material characteristics and provides surface protection even when surfaces are damaged. Underwater and waterline areas are thus optimally protected against floating refuse and the regular use of high-pressure cleaning systems. In contrast to the conventional coatings used in the shipping industry, Thermission coatings contain no pollutants and are thus extremely environment-friendly.

Avoidance of increased weight thanks to low coating thicknesses

A low coating thickness plus short layover and hardening times make Thermission extremely cost-effective. In addition to this, the absence of contact corrosion allows steel-aluminium combinations and high-strength steels to be used during building, thus resulting in lighter ships. Sacrificial anodes or permanent renovation of protective coatings are no longer required.

Versatile options for surface protection

Thermission technology makes it possible to coat even complex geometric shapes such as cavities; hydraulic components; bilge struts; gangways; swimming platforms or screws, nuts and bolts as well as ornamental and fastening elements. In addition to this, zinc thermal diffusion provides an excellent adhesive surface for further processes such as gluing; additional coating or laser and friction welding as well as increasing weldability.

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