Coat large, geometrically complex components and batches yourself. By purchasing a turn-key production line from Thermission plus the corresponding know-how licence you can retain control over the entire process.

Would you like to handle coating of large-scale batches yourself? Are you expecting production volumes to increase while shipping and packaging costs are already a significant cost factor? Then get one step ahead of your competitors by purchasing a turn-key production line from Thermission plus the corresponding know-how, which will allow you to coat large and geometrically complex components yourself at your manufacturing site. Apply the know-how gained during the process to obtain a long-term, strategic advantage.

Cross the finishing line first

Purchasing our turn-key solution will enable you to cross the finishing line ahead of your competitors. You can coat products whenever is best for you; ensure that your production capacity is utilized to the full and ensure that quality is monitored across the entire process chain. In addition to this, having a licence to use our know-how and patents will provide you with a long-term competitive advantage.

Our specialists will handle installation and start-up of the coating system. Your personnel will be given hands-on training until they are able to carry out all processes independently and efficiently. Our after-sales service guarantees that you will be able to obtain spare parts; expendable materials; servicing and zinc powder compounds throughout the system’s entire service life as well as ensuring that your system is kept up to date.

Your benefits

  • A customized complete solution, also for large and bulky components
  • No packaging and shipping costs
  • Your own process and quality monitoring
  • More control, flexibility and faster response times
  • Seamless integration into the production process
  • Guaranteed service support and spare parts deliveries through a system’s entire service life
  • Technological protection thanks to licencing

Do you want to know more about the innovative surface protection of the zinc thermal diffusion?

In our company brochure, you can learn more to this coating method and how the technology can be used for your company.

Interested? Download the brochure here.

Beschichten mittels der Anlagentechnologie von Thermission: Zinkthermodiffusion