Increase the profitability and service life of your industrial products and systems with effective corrosion protection from Thermission.

Corrosion is omnipresent and costly. Steel structures, machines, railway tracks, industrial plants, pipelines, vehicles or aircraft are all not spared from it. The annual consequential costs of corrosion in industrialized countries are estimated at approx. four percent of the gross national product. Replacement investments, efficiency losses, downtimes, and environmental pollution due to corrosion have appalling effects.

However, this also presents a substantial savings potential: The better the corrosion protection, the more economical the solution - which is why far-sighted companies rely on Thermission’s system technology.

Lower life cycle costs thanks to corrosion protection

With a layer thickness of 4-25 µm and the dry diffusion process, Thermission’s system technology presents a true alternative to other so-called zinc coatings. It enables significant reduction of downtimes and repair costs as well as considerable extension of warranty periods and maintenance intervals.

Universal application fields

The technology is universally suitable for different metals and thus allows for a wide range of applications for cast, forged, turned, and milled parts. Complex geometric parts, uneven surfaces, or hard-to-reach areas can be coated evenly in just one process step.

Easier processing subsequently

Costs and process times can be optimized since the coating facilitates subsequent welding and creates the ideal surface properties for adhesive or lacquer applications.

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