Are you looking for cutting-edge corrosion protection?

Take advantage of the numerous benefits over conventional coatings with the world’s lowest process temperature for zinc thermal diffusion.

We are pioneers in the field of zinc thermal diffusion (ZTD) for coating of metal and metallic products. The perfect coordination of temperature, time, zinc powder, and additives enables us to coat materials at low process temperatures ranging from 320 to 390 °C.


Interdiffusion between zinc and iron results in a 10% increase of the iron content in the zinc layer. In addition, this dry process also eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. The resulting zinc-metal compound offers extensive corrosion protection without the need for a thick coating layer. Thanks to the rough surface, our technology also provides an excellent primer for subsequent coating or painting.

New application fields through zinc thermal diffusion

The low process temperature, which is far below the melting point of zinc, makes Thermission’s patented coating ideal for a variety of applications in all key industries. Put your trust in Thermission and venture into new application fields and more economical solutions for your industrial materials such as steel, gray-cast iron, and copper alloys.

Would you like to learn more about the cutting-edge corrosion protection through zinc thermal diffusion? Simply take a look at our whitepaper to find out more about this coating process and learn how our technology can be applied to your business.

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