Put your trust in Thermission’s corrosion protection and make your technical systems safer and more reliable.

The safety and reliability of technical systems is always also a question of corrosion protection. Systems with reliable components play a vital role in accident prevention and occupation safety. Reliable surface protection increases the safety of both people and the environment, preserves the quality of products, and increases the operational reliability of complex technical systems and components. This, for example, in the automotive industry, in construction, as well as fastening technology.

Maximum corrosion and wear protection even under extreme conditions

Thermission’s system technology offers maximum corrosion protection and hence maximum safety and reliability of technically demanding applications even under extreme conditions. Since the coating diffuses into the base material, an inseparable intermetallic phase develops between zinc and the base material. Ductility can also be improved through targeted “tempering” during the main process to further optimize the material properties.

Scientifically proven reliability

Tests prove the high resistance against falling rocks, the avoidance of corrosion on predefined places, and a high resilience of crash parts. Salt spray tests confirm the demonstrably longer service life of components in highly corrosive environments. Treated components also have a very good surface for subsequent coating processes. This is due to the rough surface resulting from the zinc thermal diffusion.

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